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Maintenance is a huge part of tanning, you must look after your tan and enjoy our home care product range. We love tanning as much as you do …..SO let’s make your TAN last…..


B.Gorgeous Organic Coffee Scrub

Vegan, Organic, Natural... Good enough to eat!

Exfoliating, super smoothing blend of ground coffee beans, which is known to firm the skin & reduce cellulite. Coconut and grapeseed oils to hydrate and smooth your skin to perfection


B.Gorgeous Velvet Self Tanning Mitt

Applying your mouse with our B.Gorgeous tanning mit will give you a even application and no mess. Suitable for all Tanning Mouses.


B.Gorgeous 2n1 Extender Foam

B.Gorgeous Tan extender is a super hydrating moisturizer that is infused with DHA (the active ingredient) in all tanning products that gradually builds a nice healthy looking tan. When used after a spray tan B.Gorgeous Tan extender will prolong the life of your tan up to a month.