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Red Light Therapy & Collagen Body Wave

Single Session $35.00

10 Sessions $199.00



How does it work?

Red light penetrates deep into the lower layers of the skin, stimulating natural collagen, elastin, and hyaluronan production. During this process, it also improves oxygen supply to the skin and boosts the absorption and effectiveness of skin care products.

Using premium skin care alongside red light therapy allows us to create real change and results. Skin rejuvenation through light has been scientifically proven in more than sixty studies, and results can be seen after a few treatments.


The Ergoline Beauty Angel machines:

Our Beauty Angel machines are scientifically proven to be effective, all while being extra gentle on the skin. The state of the art light technology creates visible change to the skin, with thousands of satisfied users worldwide. In a recent study of 150 people, 75% saw fewer wrinkles with regular use of the Beauty Angel machines, and 96% reported a better skin feel.


•  Boosts collagen and elastin production

•  Improves hydration levels in the skin

•  Improves oxygen supply to the skin

•  Increases the skin’s receptivity to topically applied products

•  Non-invasive and painless

•  Creates a feeling of wellbeing and boosts mood


•  Soft, supple skin

•  Increased moisture

•  A glowing complexion

•  Improved skin texture

•  Reduced pigmentation

•  Reduced wrinkles and fine lines

•  Tighter, firmer skin