Solaris Tanning introduces: B.GORGEOUS SPRAY TANS

We Choose to support our New Zealand brands: One of the finest tanning solutions on the market.

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Solaris $20.00 Spray tans

Add extra coat for $10.00

All B.Gorgeous spray tan formulas have been developed to leave you feeling gorgeous inside and out. B.Gorgeous is proudly MADE IN NEW ZEALAND using ingredients that accentuate the skins natural beauty, including moisturizing antioxidants and natural oils such as argan oil. Every product is free of parabens, contains 100% natural DHA and is vegan friendly.

Spray tan first visit: B.Gorgeous $20.00

Let us help you decide the ultimate tan for your skin type, if you are not sure we will help you decide from our range of spray tans. One of our Solaris friendly staff will help with this decision.

Spray tan 1 hour rapid: B.Gorgeous $20.00

Now this is the tan you need if you need it for the same night, Our Rapid 1 hour tan and the B.Gorgesous team have developed one of the most advanced tans on the market , A MUST if you love tans , you won't be disappointed . You can shower after just 1 hour.

Spray tan 2 hour Maibu Nights: B. Gorgeous $20.00

Get ready for your holiday and lets get in the tanning mood! A must have for your next holiday or wanting the ultimate Europe colour, this tan is a eye catcher, great for a night out or for that bikini body. A clients favourite with a violet base.

Spray tan 8 hour: B.Gorgeous $20.00

This tan can be left on for 8 hours or over night , once you shower you will see your new bronzed skin, This tan is a Medium brown to Dark tan. Our 8 hour tan is suitable for all skin types of skin tones and textures .The longer you leave the darker it will tan.

Spray tans Bride or Bridesmaids: B.Gorgeous $20.00

Your wedding is your day , bring your bridal party in for the ultimate tanning to help cater for your special day. Our friendly team will help you decide the best tanning result you want to achieve. We cater to all skin types and our experienced staff will be more then happy to help make your special day even more wonderful with the right tan.

Body Contouring 3D tans the ultimate spray tanning technique: B.Georgeous $70.00

Now you want Definition , let us help you get the most advanced spray tans on the market, This is a must for Photo shoots, swim wear, muscle tone or Holiday’s. This tan you will see how we help make your body pop. Please feel fee to ask our friendly staff for further information on this.